Software Engineering

Provides clients with custom analysis software in support of satellite or terrestrial system engineering, regulatory, architecture design and trade studies. Additionally, develops customized resource optimization solutions to support customer mission objectives and maximize spectral reuse, total system capacity and easily react to changing customer demands.

Areas of focus:

• Custom Analysis Software for satellite, sub-orbital and terretrial communication systems

• Custom Modeling and Simulation Solutions

• Resource Management and Reconfigurable Operation Planning Tools

• Data Visualizations

• Beamforming Analysis and Operational Tools

• RF Spacecraft Payload Modeling and Fleet Management

• RF Propagation Modeling

Erik Halvorson is RKF's Director of Software Engineering and Analysis, and leads the development of custom software to meet customer business objectives, analyses, and systems engineering needs

Provides end-to-end satellite and terrestrial communication system engineering support for mobile, direct-broadcast satellite and fixed satellite and terrestrial communications networks. Offers a full range of system engineering and design services, including risk assessments, system specifications, operations conception documents, trade and interference studies, and working with customers and manufacturers to support acquisition and life cycle management.

Areas of focus:

• Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) Support

• Customized End-to-End Engineering Solutions for Communication Systems

• Spectrum Management

• Integration and Test Oversight

• Failure, Anomaly and Waiver Review Boards and Technical Diligence

• Requirements Defintion, Verification and Validation

• FCC and ITU Representation (Filings, Review, Compliance, Regulatory & Coordination Strategy)

David Milliner, Ph.D. is RKF's Director of Systems Engineering and Corporate Development where he leads systems engineering efforts, corporate strategy and Government contracting programs.

Provides clients with satellite communications systems ground segment architecture optimization and system engineering, cost analysis, development oversight, and monitoring of system integration, test, and transition to operations, as well as program acquisition support and large program planning and execution management.

Areas of focus:

• Program Management Leaderhip and Support

• Ground Segement Architecture Design and Optimization for Orbital Communication Systems

• Program Acquisition Support

• Large Program Planning and Execution management

• Product Definition

• Risk and Schedule Management

• Financial Analyses in Support of Early and Ongoing Acqusition Lifecycle

Tann Pinney is RKF's Chief Program Manager where he leads program management activities, critical and strategic analysis, and satellite ground segment system engineering.

Organization within RKF responsible for business operation activities inclusive of Finance, Contracts and Management, Legal, Human Resources, Administration and Logistics.

Areas of focus include:

• Business Operation Activities

• Finance

• Contracts and Management

• Legal

• Human Resources

• Administration and Logistics

• Controls and Policy

Toby Kennedy is RKF’s Vice President overseeing all business operations activities.

Systems Engineering

Program Management

Business Operations