Mr. Rubin is RKF’s Chief Executive Officer. He is a member of the Society of Satellite Professionals International Hall of Fame, was the ITU’s first satellite expert and is an IEEE Centennial Medal Recipient and Life Fellow.

Mr. Rubin’s extensive professional career of over fifty years has focused primarily on satellite communications and has been diversified in scope and achievements. He served as the ITU’s first satellite expert and was responsible for building the Center of Research and Training in Satellite Communications in India in 1965. Starting in 1970 Mr. Rubin served as the Director of Engineering and Chief Scientist for public broadcasting for over 13 years during the birth of NPR and the expansion of PBS to a satellite-based interconnection system. In 1984 he helped found the first private commercial satellite company, PanAmSat, where he was responsible for PanAmSat’s engineering as Chief Scientist for 17 years.

Mr. Kaplan is RKF’s Chief Operating Officer and Chief Systems Engineer and is a communications engineer with over 35 years of experience providing expertise to both satellite and terrestrial communications.

Mr. Kaplan provides system engineering, analysis and regulatory support to numerous RKF clients spanning propagation, protocols, standards/regulatory and design. He was previously the technical pillar for wireless communications for the DARPA F6 program and was one of the chief architects of sharing agreements reached in the ITU and FCC between non-GSO and GSO systems.

Dr. Freedman is RKF’s Chief Technical Officer where he provides technical vision and direction for the company. As CTO of RKF Engineering Solutions, LLC, Dr. Freedman provides technical vision and direction for the company as well as overseeing technical analyses, the development of technologies and software product designs. Dr. Freedman leads RKF’s efforts in designing satellite systems, software systems, communication networks and supporting technologies.

Dr. Freedman has led development efforts for several national award winning software packages including “CAGE” which won the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center GSFC Software Of The Year Award, and “3d Choreographer” which won Windows Magazine’s Win 100 Award. Dr. Freedman has authored over 70 patent applications in the field of satellite payload design, satellite resource management software and telecommunication architectures.

Mr. Marshack is RKF’s Managing Director and is responsible for business and corporate development and leadership for all company projects.

With over 25 years of experience in telecommunications and emerging technology, Mr. Marshack specializes in bridging technologists and executives. As a Strategic advisor to an array of companies across the Satellite, Telecom, and Defense sectors as well as the Venture, Banking and Hedge communities. Mr. Marshack provides regulatory advice on US and International matters to companies around the globe.

Dr. Milliner is responsible for Engineering, Management and Corporate Development for federal, civil and commercial customers with a primary focus on the Federal market where he oversees all prime contractor and subcontractor activities. Dr. Milliner has over ten years of technical experience in telecommunications theory and practice specializing in spectrum management, RF communications & Aerospace/Defense. Dr. Milliner holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from MIT and a Ph.D. from the Communication Theory Research Group at Georgia Tech where he was a President’s Fellowship Recipient.
Pictured (L to R): Ted Kaplan, Phil Rubin, Jeff Freedman, David Marshack, David Milliner