Regulatory & Advisory

RKF Engineering provides consultancy support across regulatory environments with a special focus on telecommunications systems from Geostationary satellites to MEO and LEO constellations, High Altitude Platforms, and terrestrial telecommunications systems. We work within local and national regulatory authorities (FCC, ofcom, ACMA, etc), as well as multinational organizations (ITU, CITEL, ATU).

RKF’s main areas of regulatory support are:

  • ITU Satellite Network Slot Identification and Regulatory Filing

    The identification of orbital slots and orbits for new satellite networks and the preparation of regulatory documentation for the filing of those satellite networks under ITU Radio Regulations Articles 9 and 11, and under the Appendix 30, 30A and 30B procedures, including the preparation of Advance Publication, Coordination Request, Notification and Due Diligence filings.

  • Satellite Network Frequency Coordination and Slot Protection

    All aspects of frequency and orbit coordination of satellite networks, under ITU Radio Regulations Articles 9 and 11 and under the Appendix 30, 30A and 30B procedures. RKF handles the preparation of technical analyses and strategies for frequency coordination meetings and provides negotiation and client support during those meetings. Post-filing, RKF manages the ongoing protection of filed satellite slot assets through regular review and processing of publications in the ITU’s International Frequency Information Circular.

  • Spectrum Sharing and Interference Analysis

    RKF performs satellite and radio communications network spectrum sharing and interference analyses and studies, including the production of appropriate modeling software and tools. This includes advanced analyses among Geostationary, Non-Geostationary satellites, HAPS, and terrestrial systems.

  • Technical and Regulatory Systems Studies

    RKF conducts studies on technical and regulatory aspects of telecommunications networks and systems.