May 2019 - Euroconsult Group and RKF Engineering announce a partnership agreement to extend value to key current and future clients worldwide. See the press release for more details.

January 2018 – Over the next four years, demand for U.S. wireless data services are expected to increase 500%, the number of connected devices is predicted to more than double to one billion, and demand for unlicensed spectrum is expected to grow significantly. As an example of unlicensed demand, more than half of all internet traffic is predicted to be carried over RLAN networks by 2021. To address this critical need for expanded spectrum access, a broad-based coalition of mobile operating system providers, semiconductor manufacturers, content providers, and access point equipment manufacturers retained RKF to perform an independent assessment of a nationwide deployment of RLANs in the 6 GHz band. The results of this sharing analysis are presented in our Frequency Sharing for Radio Local Area Networks in the 6 GHz Band report.