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Space Bureau & Office of International Affairs

April 15, 2023

The reorganized International Bureau of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will consist of two fundamental entities, the Space Bureau and the Office of International Affairs. The duties of the Space Bureau and the Office of International Affairs within the reorganized International Bureau are as follows:

Space Bureau:

Handling Policy Matters: The Space Bureau will be responsible for formulating and implementing policies related to satellite communications and other in-space activities falling under the FCC’s jurisdiction. This includes developing regulatory frameworks and guidelines to ensure the efficient and effective use of satellite spectrum and orbital resources.

Licensing Oversight: The Space Bureau will oversee the licensing process for satellite communications and in-space activities. This includes evaluating applications, conducting technical assessments, and issuing licenses to ensure compliance with FCC regulations and international agreements.

Spectrum Management: The Space Bureau will allocate and utilize spectrum resources for satellite communications. This involves coordinating with other government agencies, industry stakeholders, and international organizations to ensure efficient spectrum usage and avoid interference between satellite systems.

Technical Expertise: The Space Bureau will possess technical expertise in satellite communications and in-space activities. It will provide technical analysis and recommendations on interference resolution, orbital debris mitigation, and emerging technologies in the space industry.

Office of International Affairs:

International Coordination: The Office of International Affairs will coordinate with foreign regulatory authorities on telecommunications and space-related matters. It will facilitate bilateral and multilateral discussions, negotiations, and agreements to promote international cooperation and harmonization of regulatory policies.

Foreign Licensing Oversight: This office will handle licensing issues related to international telecommunications services, including submarine cable systems. It will review license applications involving foreign entities and ensure compliance with international agreements and FCC regulations.

Global Regulatory Engagement: The Office of International Affairs will represent the FCC in international forums, conferences, and organizations related to telecommunications and space. It will actively shape global policies, standards, and frameworks to advance the interests of the United States and promote fair competition in the international telecommunications market.

The reorganization of the International Bureau reflects the FCC’s commitment to effectively address the evolving challenges and opportunities in the space and telecommunications sectors. The FCC aims to enhance its technical capacity, streamline operations, and maintain its leadership role in the global telecommunications marketplace by establishing dedicated entities for space-related policy and international affairs.



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