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RKF Issued Space Printing Patent

On January 31st, 2023, the US patent office granted RKF Engineering patent US 18/100,141, enabling an exciting new line of business for the space industry.

Space printer rovers will paint the Lunar and Martian landscape with customized words and pictures. The printers can then photograph the images against an Earthrise glowing over a lunar horizon. The RKF patent protects against any competition that draws imagery on a celestial body and is not reliant on a specific printer or rover design.

RKF Engineering Space Printer: Earthrise
RKF Engineering Space Printer: Earthrise

Lunar imagery can survive millions of years, immortalizing consumers' words and likenesses. Images can be anything from portraits to eternal love letters, words of wisdom, epitaphs of loved ones who passed, or even advertisements. The options are limitless. Once in place, a lunar rover printer can stamp and photograph millions of unique images and text messages over its operating life.

Unlike space tourism, which is too expensive and impractical for most people, space printing will be affordable and provide a tangible, lasting product.

"RKF is thrilled to announce our space printer patent, and I can't wait to see the first imagery drawn on the Moon and Mars," said RKF CTO Jeffrey Freedman.

RKF Issued U.S. Patent 11,565,836
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