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Market Access

RKF works with both satellite and terrestrial communications systems operators, as well as airborne platform companies, who intend to provide service in foreign markets. We support our clients by:

  • helping them acquire authorization to operate within a country of interest by applying for and obtaining landing rights
  • representing them and providing advice on market access issues in the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Europe
  • working with national regulatory authorities alongside them or on their behalf for market access
  • negotiating market access requirements for them and helping to create legislation to allow clients to operate within the countries they wish to provide service in


RKF advocates for the acquisition and protection of spectrum on behalf of clients both corporate and governmental around the world. These efforts occur at the national, regional, and global levels, culminating in the World Radio Conference (WRC), where the international rules for spectrum use are set.


RKF works with the national regulatory agencies of countries around the world.


RKF represents clients at major regional and sub-regional groups.


RKF has participated in the WRC since its inception. Currently, we are members of delegations representing the United States, and Papua New Guinea. In addition to these national governments, we also represent several corporate clients directly at the WRC.


RKF performs due diligence services on behalf of banks, and investors, and companies looking to raise capital. Typical areas of diligence include the following cases.

Intellectual Property

RKF helps businesses acquire, evaluate, and protect their patents and other intellectual property (IP). We apply our expertise to cases involving patents, trademarks, copyright, trade secrets, and licensing.

Technology & Engineering

RKF helps businesses identify, analyze, and implement promising technologies and engineering solutions they are investigating or developing. We help our clients identify the necessary steps required to translate their designs into successful products.

Business & Financial

RKF helps businesses establish whether our client’s financials – business plans, Confidentiality Information Memorandum (CIM), or otherwise – are accurate or not.

Technical & Regulatory Studies

RKF conducts studies on technical and regulatory aspects of telecommunications networks and systems.

Spectrum Sharing

RKF performs satellite and radio communications network spectrum sharing and interference analyses and studies, including the production of appropriate modeling software and tools. This includes advanced analyses among Geostationary, Non-Geostationary satellites, High Altitude Platforms (HAPS), and terrestrial systems. For example, on behalf of a coalition of notable technology and communications companies, RKF has performed a multi-year study on Frequency Sharing for Radio Local Area Networks in the 6 GHz Band.

ITU Satellite Network Slot Identification and Regulatory Filing

RKF supports its clients by performing analysis & studies in order to identify of orbital slots and orbits for new satellite networks. In addition, RKF prepares the associated regulatory documentation for filing of those satellite networks under ITU Radio Regulations Articles 9 and 11 and under official procedures contained in Appendix 30, 30A, and 30B. The procedures RKF performs include, but are not limited to, the preparation of Advance Publication, Coordination Request, Notification and Due Diligence filings.

Satellite Network Frequency Coordination and Slot Protection

RKF supports its clients in all aspects of frequency and orbit coordination of satellite networks, under ITU Radio Regulations Articles 9 and 11 and under Appendix 30, 30A, and 30B procedures. RKF handles the preparation and execution of technical analyses and strategies for frequency coordination meetings and provides negotiation and client support during those meetings. Post-filing, RKF manages the ongoing protection of filed satellite slot assets through regular review and processing of publications in the ITU’s International Frequency Information Circular.

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